A Special Data Package To Keep Our Hala Captains Connected


At Hala, we truly value our Captains.

We understand that they work hard to keep Dubai moving and we are committed to supporting them. That’s why we have teamed up with Etisalat to continue our “Further Together” initiative. Like Hala, Etisalat understands the power of togetherness and the importance of staying connected.….

Partnering with Etisalat has allowed us to grant all Captains with access to data packages to enable them to video call their loved ones and bridge the distance with technology.

It has been fantastic to deliver the news and see the positive response from our Captains. You can see the heartwarming reaction from Mehdi Alam, who is one of our top rated Captains, on the link below:

URL – https://youtu.be/_I3qBzJXBe4

We :blue_heart: Mehdi!

Around 18,000 taxi drivers in Dubai, including Hala Captains like Mehdi and non-Hala drivers, will benefit from the year-long postpaid package that can be activated on any existing or new Etisalat UAE mobile number. 

We really hope this initiative will help positively impact the lives of our Captains who work tirelessly to provide Dubai’s commuters with the best experience.
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