Blue is in the air! Here’s how Hala has painted Dubai in its Blue colour.

For the past few months, the good news around booking a Dubai Taxi on Careem has been circulating between ride-hailers who rely on such services.
As we ramp up our fleet to reach over 5,500 taxis available on Careem, we have been also busy painting our city in Blue!
With over 500 rebranded Hala Black roof taxis cruising the streets of Dubai, it’s easyto recognize our White & Blue colours.

Wondering which taxis are bookable on Careem?

In addition to the Hala Blue taxis, there is also a wider variety of vehicles belonging to 5 other franchises, which you can book through Careem.
These vehicles are the same light sandy beige color that you’re familiar with but have different coloured roofs as follows.

GreenAl Arabia Taxi
BlueCars Taxi
Red Dubai Taxi
Orange Metro Taxi
Yellow National Taxi

Why Blue?

Aesthetically speaking, the color Blue was chosen for Hala as it represents both the sky and the sea, and effortlessly blends in and complements the beauty of Dubai’s golden deserts.

We know that Blue is associated with freedom, intuition, expansiveness and inspiration. It also symbolizes meanings of trust, depth, loyalty, stability, faith and intelligence.

We believe those symbolic associations not only complement the beauty of Dubai, but also echo how we want our customers to feel about our product and the service we provide.

A glimpse of our Visual System

Every journey starts with a single blink.

The Hala logo embodies our brand promise “Wherever you’re going, let’s get you there”.

Hala Trip is our primary Blue colour. It represents a smart, efficient, smooth, hassle free and cool journey.

Hala Blink is our secondary accent brand colour and is used to highlight and draw attention. It reflects dynamism, intuition, and warmth.

Where else are we painting the city Blue?

There’s a lot more happening besides the Blue car wraps!

For our captive audience and metro commuters, we chose to cover several metro stations in Blue Hala branding, from elevator wraps, to stairways, and ticket gates.

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