Bring Ramadan Home – Part 1: The Banner

This Holy month we are helping with creative ways to bring the spirit of Ramadan home.
We will have a weekly guide packed with top tips for what you can make to brighten up your house.
Because we know that a moment shared with friends and family means so much more, we will be selecting a follower every week, to bring their creation to a loved one.
Once done, share a picture of your banner on Facebook or Instagram, tagging Hala and the person you would like to share it with. On Sunday we will choose one lucky winner to be picked up in a Hala Taxi (with their creation) to take it to their nominated loved one.

What you will need:

Step 1:
  Print off the Hala banner template from the link below:

Step 2:
  Carefully cut around each circled letter, using the orange line as a guide
Please ensure you have a responsible adult to help you with this

Top tip: Cut a rough square shape around each of the circles first, to make the detailed cutting a little easier

Step 3: 
  Using your gluestick, stick each of the letters and symbols onto a larger blue circle. Aim to keep an equal distance around all the edges.

Top tip: When applying the glue stick to the back of the letter circle, use an old newspaper or magazine or to rest the paper on instead of the table. Otherwise you may find your Iftar meal sticks to the table too!

Step 4:
Measure out 15cm gaps on your ribbon, making a mark so you know where to stick the circles.

Step 5:
  Selotape each of the circles onto the ribbon.
Top tip: It’s easier to do this with the circle upside down (just remember to get the letters the right way up!)

Step 6:
  Hang your decoration on a window, a doorway, or even above your table. Wherever you like!

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