Celebrating UAE’s 49th National Day

On this most unusual 49th National Day, when the importance of togetherness and pang of separation are felt more keenly than ever, here at Hala, we decided to pay homage to this country’s most treasured values, by bringing together those who find themselves here alone.

In partnership with ICC Academy, we organized a professional Cricket game to bring our Captains together.

We made fake Hala bookings – as soon as our Captains arrived at the academy, they were asked to park and keep their meters on as we were paying for their meter fares while they play.

All Captains were given Hala jerseys and cricket balls to keep as souvenirs and to remember that day – while they may be away from their families, in the UAE we all have the opportunity to build new connections and communities, prospering together.

Click here to watch the full video of this special day.

We’re stronger together.


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