Go further with Hala and ADCB

 Start a rewarding journey with your ADCB Card!


How does it work?

There’s nothing like riding and winning every time!

Book a Hala (Dubai Taxi) on the Careem application, and earn 5 bonus TouchPoints for every AED 1 spent with your ADCB Debit Card.

So, If your fare is AED 40, that’s 200 bonus ADCB TouchPoints!


All you need to know about ADCB TouchPoints

Customers can earn points when they spend on any ADCB Debit Cards.

ADCB TouchPoints can be redeemed in one of the following ways:

Vouchers: A variety of suppliers offer vouchers for ADCB loyalty customers. You can review a list of suppliers here

  1. Pay at shops directly: Customers can visit one of ADCB’s business partners and inform customer services that they wish to pay with their points. Customers need to have their ADCB Card with them.

  2. Points Transfer: Customers can convert  TouchPoints to Etihad Guest Rewards program at a rate of 14 points = 1 Mile. Similarly, they can transfer points to Emirates Skywards Rewards program at a rate of 18 points = 1 Mile.

  3. Payment of Bills: Customers can pay water, electricity, mobile, Salik and many more using their points as a payment method.

  4. Donate Points: Customers can donate their points to any of the charities and associations that participate with ADCB such as Al Jalila Foundation, UAE Red Crescent and others.

  5. To find out more about ADCB’s TouchPoints Program, visit this link: https://cutt.ly/0un7Pnp


What if I’m not an ADCB customer?

Not an ADCB customer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too.

Just SMS HALA to 2626 and get up to 200,000 TouchPoints, and start collecting!

Get 10,000 TouchPoints when you fund your account within 30 days of opening.

Get 90,000 TouchPoints when you transfer your salary to your ADCB account.

Get 100,000 TouchPoints when you sign up for an ADCB Credit Card, and make your first purchase.



*T&Cs apply.

To learn more about the details of this partnership, visit adcb.com/earnmore

Yalla! Let’s start collecting.💙😉

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