Hala Juniors: Travel with children made easy

We know that a lot of our riders rely on Hala taxis for their daily commutes, and as we remain committed to cater to all of your daily needs, we’re excited to announce the launch of our latest car type ‘Hala Juniors’, enabling you to ride safely with your children up to four years old.

Here’s all you need to know about our latest offering: 

  • Child seats are provided by Mothercare and are suitable for children up to four years old with industry-standard comfort functions 
  • All child seats will be deep sanitized by Champion Cleaners on a regular basis
  • Safety remains our top priority, which is why we’ve chosen to equip our taxis with ISO-fixed child seats provided by Mothercare. The child seats are certified United Nations standard ECE R44/04 and have a 5-point harness, along with newborn cushioning. The seat can recline to 4 different positions for ultimate comfort and has a rearward facing option for babies, holding up to 10kg. The forward-facing position can hold up to 18kg, suitable for older toddlers. 
  • A pool of top-performing Hala Captains has been selected very carefully for this launch based on ratings, and customer feedback. All Captains have gone through extensive face to face training on how to safely install and adjust the child seat into the taxi – this means you don’t have to worry about adjusting and buckling the seat yourself, our Captains can take care of it all!

Here’s how you can request a ‘Hala Juniors’ ride:

  • Go on the Careem app and select ‘Hala Taxi’.
  • Enter your drop-off and confirm your pick up location.
  • Once selecting your ride, choose ‘Hala Juniors’ and confirm.
  • Once your taxi arrives, your Hala Captain will adjust the seat to your preference so you can safely ride with your child buckled up. 
  • The ride can be paid for via card or cash – note that there is a AED 5 booking fee that will apply to all ‘Hala Juniors’ rides.

We can’t wait to see you and your little ones soon. 

Hala 💙

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