Introducing our tip-matching initiative!

In honour of our Hala Captains’ hard work and commitment, we’re happy to announce our tip matching initiative – if you choose to tip your Captain, we will be matching the amount!

As of Sunday March 29, if you choose to tip your Hala Captain after riding with Hala (Dubai Taxi), we will be matching the amount.
So, if you tip your Captain AED 5, Hala will be giving him another AED 5 as well, making his total take-home tip for that ride AED 10.

Amid the uncertainty at this tricky time , kindness keeps prevailing all over the world – let’s get involved and keep doing more of that.

Hala 💙

Here’s what you need to know:  
  • This mechanic is valid on Hala (Dubai Taxi) and Hala – Van Taxi only
  • No minimum or maximum tipping amount
  • If you happen to ride with the same Captain again, you can still tip him. Hala will keep matching the tipped amount.
  • Tips can be matched only if paid by credit and debit card or Careem credits

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