Lower fares on short rides with Hala

When summer hits in Dubai, we all know how hot it gets. 

And those quick commutes that used to be a bike or a walk away, no longer feel quick during the summer heat. But don’t worry – this summer, you are not alone. Hala’s here to save you! Those short quick trips are affordable now more than ever.

What does that mean?

Any Hala ride below AED 25 will now be discounted by 15%! (max AED 2.5 per ride).

Is this applicable to short rides all over Dubai?

We’ve identified the areas in the city where short trips are the most prevalent, which is why the discount will apply to the below zones only.

  • Downtown
  • Business Bay
  • DIFC
  • Marina 2
  • Marina 1
  • JLT
  • Trade Center
  • JBR
  • Media City
  • Business Bay

Does the discount apply if I’m going from a selected zone to a non-selected zone?

That’s a great question! The answer is YES!

The discount is applicable for all trips originating from selected pick up zones to any zone, when trip fare is within AED 25.

Do I need to enter a promo code or will the discount be automatically applied?

The discount will automatically be applied after your trip ends if your fare falls within AED 25.


15% off any Hala ride within AED 25 (max AED 2.5 per ride)
Valid on Hala (Dubai Taxi) & Hala Van (Dubai Taxi) in Dubai

Yalla! Order easily from your air con, get a taxi in 3 minutes, and pay less!

We can’t wait to see you soon.

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