Need help? Here’s how you can get in contact with Hala.

Whatever issue you are facing, Hala offers instant access to several support features to ensure it gets resolved at the earliest.

Who to reach out to for in-ride support?

Our chat channel is an easily accessible support feature, during your ride.

You can find the chat option on the Careem application: go to the Menu, then ‘Get help’ section, report your relevant issue, and start a live chat.

The chat response time is usually one minute, and complaints are tackled in real time.

To report any safety & security related issue, follow the same steps – you will get an option to sort it out via phone call where you can dial 8009090, and you will be automatically connected to Dubai’s RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) customer service.

Post-ride assistance

Email channel is available to customers who want to report an issue or have a question after their ride. You can also report these issues via Careem application, following the same steps: go to Menu, then ‘Get help’, and Report a problem.

You will get an option to sort post-ride issues via email, where you will need to share as many details as possible (your trip ID, name, mobile number, you can even upload an image).

A care agent will reach out to you as soon as possible, within a maximum of eight hours.

Which complaints are handled by the RTA (Roads & Transport Authority )?

  • Lost & found issues
  • Safety & security related issues (dangerous driving, feeling unsafe, car accident )

You can report these issues via the Careem application as per the above steps, and you will be directed to contact 8009090.

So, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. If you have any questions, you now know who to contact. We’ll make sure to get it all answered and sorted out for you!

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