Our Latest Safety Measures Update

It is true that the pandemic has and will continue to change the way we live, and get around the city we love. However, in these times of uncertainty, we are working around the clock to ensure that we get used to and adjust to the new normal together, easily.

What does that mean?

As public places in Dubai have started to reopen, we will keep maintaining and implementing best hygiene practices, to ensure maximum safety of our Captains and customers. 

This blog post will be updated regularly, with all the latest updates and safety features being rolled out.

Hala’s safety policies and latest features

  • Respiratory, Face Cover, and Hygiene etiquette: All Captains driving and all customers riding must wear a mask. Hand sanitisers are available in all taxis for both Captains and customers to use, whenever. Consider sneezing/coughing into your elbow or a tissue paper to be thrown afterward.
  • Captain checklist: All Captains are required to complete a mandatory self-certification before accepting a booking, to confirm they are wearing a mask, have passed a temperature check, and have sanitised their hands.
  • Vehicle Disinfection: We have introduced new protocols including the sanitisation of all Hala taxis every day before the Captains’ shifts.

  • Temperature checks: Daily temperature checks are conducted for Hala Captains.
  • Ventilation of vehicles: After each ride, Captains are required to fully ventilate the taxi cabin by rolling down all 4 windows for 10 minutes.

  • Contactless payment: To ensure maximum safety of our customers and Captains, we encourage all riders to benefit from in-app payment options to minimise contact in the handover of cash. To ensure this is as convenient as possible we have added additional payment options such as Apple Pay.
  • Share your live location: We have added an option to share a live location while in-ride, to let your friends and family know the details of your ride and time of arrival.

Customer Care and Feedback

Your opinion matters, and providing you with a seamless and safe experience is our top priority.


Our Hala Care Team has received extensive training around health and hygiene feedback from customers, and is always at your service to support you regarding any safety concerns that you may have. 


As we remain committed to providing best hygiene practices and safety measures, we encourage you to also try and keep our community safe, by riding with caution.


We’re stronger together.



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