UAE National Day 2019: The Power of Unity

The 2nd of December 2019 marks the 48th National Day for the United Arab Emirates,and we decided to create something special this year.

To celebrate the power of unity, Hala focused on what we can achieve when we work together.

Watch the full video here :

The idea: The power of unity, in a musical metaphor

To honor and reflect the spirit of the union of all seven Emirates,we celebrated with a campaign that reflects the values of unity and the power of togetherness.

As a company we epitomise the idea of unity, not just with the union of the private and public sectors, but with the unification of all Dubai Taxi franchises onto one booking platform.

Every day, we provide proof that by uniting, we create something greater than the sum of our parts.

That together we are stronger, and we go further.

A bass line on its own doesn’t make great music – that’s why we make bands; because the magic really happens when you add the melody. With a little extra percussion.

You get the picture.

How did we do it?

We installed audio recording equipment inside Hala taxis, and placed a note for our riders, asking them to spend their journey making the best piece of music they can with the solo instrument.

We then took all these individual sounds, and combined them with sounds from the taxis themselves, the city outside, unplanned surprises & spontaneous laughs, to create something special.

A week later, the same riders were invited back to the studio to listen to the completed song.Giving them a perfect illustration that together, we can create something beyond ourselves, and capturing the feeling of unity in a way that can resonate with everyone.

Because we only unlock our true potential when we come together.

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