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“Captain” is a title that befits our drivers to a tee. They’re trailblazers who’ve embraced the shift from conventional street hailing to app-based bookings, helping us to realise our and the RTA’s vision of making Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah smarter, more futuristic cities. We have 22,000+ Hala taxi drivers in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, hailing from all over the world: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Ghana, Guinea, Egypt, Cameroon and many other countries — a mix of cultures, experiences and backgrounds that make up the fabric of the Hala team. Each of our captains has a minimum of 5 years of experience under their belt. They know the roads by heart, have a knack for customer service, and delight in helping riders get to wherever they need to go, so you can always count on them to offer you the best taxi service in Dubai. You’ve undoubtedly seen our drivers on the streets of Dubai. You can tell they are Hala Captains by the Hala banner and logo of white and blue around the car. If the car roof colours are different, it’s because our Captains are affiliated with one of the RTA’s taxi companies: Dubai Taxi Corporation or DTC (red roofed), Cars Taxi (blue roofed), National Taxi (yellow roofed), Arabia Taxi (green roofed) and Metro Taxi (orange roofed).

Captain of the Year

Our drivers’ role in transforming Hala into the best online taxi service in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah is not lost on us. They’re the backbone of our business, the face of our brand, and the first to greet you with a smile when you step into the car. So, every year, we pick a Hala Captain to celebrate their dedication and hard work.
Ishtiaq Ahmed
Meet the 2023 June Hala Captain of the Year

Ishtiaq Ahmed

The Road Warrior
  • Time with Hala: Ishtiaq joined Hala in 2019 and has been with us ever since.
  • Trips logged: 12,000 completed trips
  • Customer satisfaction rating: An impressive 4.95/5!
  • Languages spoken: Urdu, English and Arabic
Off the Clock

Ishtiaq comes from Gujrat, Pakistan. He's a pillar of support for his family, taking care of not just his two sons but also his brother's and sister's families. While Dubai is buzzing with cricket fans, Ishtiaq stands out with his love for basketball. When he's not driving for Hala, you can find him playing basketball at local courts in Dubai. As for food, Ishtiaq loves a good mutton curry, a taste of his hometown. Outside of work, family and memories of Gujrat always remain close to his heart.

Hala Home

Hala Home, located in Al Quoz, Dubai, is a centre specifically designed to support and empower Hala Captains. It houses an on-site team that offers immediate assistance to our drivers when they encounter technical problems, and helps improve their app experience.

The facility also includes a Captain University and learning hub that offers year-round training and networking sessions; over 11,000 of these sessions have already been held to welcome new Captains.

Since its inception in 2022, Hala Home has served over 181,000 captains. With daily visits averaging between 370 and 390 and an average query resolution time of 2.7 minutes, Hala Home is proving to be a great resource to our Captains and, ultimately, our riders.

Support Center

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frequently asked Questions?

Yes. All Hala taxi drivers in Dubai speak English.

Hala fares are metered. There is, of course, a base fare, but other factors, such as time, distance and current demand for rides in the area, can affect the overall cost of your ride. However, once you enter your trip’s destination in the Careem app, you can view the estimated fare before confirming your ride.

The following are the payment options available to Hala riders:

  • Careem wallet on the app
  • Credit or debit card on the Careem app
  • Nol RTA Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Cash

At the end of each trip, you can rate your ride and provide feedback about your experience. You can also contact Hala customer support via the Careem app with any complaints or concerns.

If you need to report a problem with a Hala ride that you booked using the Careem app, do the following:

  1. Start the Careem app.
  2. Choose "Hala Taxi."
  3. Head to Menu and select "Your rides."
  4. Click on "History" to view your past rides.
  5. Find and click on the trip with which you had an issue.
  6. Select "Report a problem" to submit your complaint.

Yes, Hala Kids, a car type available in the Hala Dubai fleet, offers child seats with a 5-point harness and newborn cushioning, so you can travel safely with your little ones. Simply select "Hala Kids" when booking a taxi through the Careem app.

All Hala taxis in Dubai have a signature banner plus Hala’s white and blue logo is wrapped around each car. Once you book a Hala taxi via the Careem app, you can also view the vehicle information, including the car type, licence plate, and the Captain’s name and photo.